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Articles on Chicago

Race Not Space
A Revisionist History of Gangs in Chicago
Journal of African American History 91:2

A Tale of Two Gangs
Chapter Seven of A World of Gangs
comparing the Irish Hamburgs to the
African American Vice Lords

Gangs, Schools, and Social Change
Annals of the American Academy of
Political and Social Sciences. Sept 2017

Explaining Chicago's Homicide Rate
Chicago Sun Times Op Ed Feb 27, 2014

Housing, Gangs, and Homicide:
What We Can Learn from Chicago

with Brigid Rauch. Urban Affairs Review 42:4.
March 2007. Pp 435-456

A Genealogy of Gangs in Chicago

A history of gangs in Chicago
Paper delivered at the Globalizing Gangs Conference, Geneva. May 2009
On the Chicago School
from Gangs in the Global City

Hiding the History of the Chicago Police
Review of former CPD Chief Terry Hillard's' "inside" History of the Chicago Police.
Criminal Justice Review 2009. 34: p267

Housing and Homicide.
Policy Paper for the
Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

Building a Way to Stop Murder
Chicago Tribune, Jun 1 2003

"Gangs of New York and Chicago"
Chicago Tribune, January 19, 2000

Children in Organized Armed Violence - Chicago
USA Section of 11 Nation Report

Articles on Globalization

Gangs and the Sociological Imagination
Theoretical Criminology Vol 20: 5. Dec. 2016 pp 1-21
Alistair Frasier and John Hagedorn

The Global Impact of Gangs
The Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice 21:2
May 2005 pp 153-169

Making Sense of Central American Maras

Air & Space Power. May 2008

Latin Kings in Barcelona: A Comment on Luca
Sociologica 2/2015 -see original article

Gangs in Late Modernity

from Gangs in the Global City

Gangs and Globalization
in Malcolm Klein et al
The Euro-Gang Paradox

Gangs in Court

Gang Stereotypes in Court
Chrnonicle of the International Association of Youth and Family Judges and Magistrates. January 2013 71-75

Breaking the Frame:
Responding to Gang Stereotypes in Capital Cases.
with Bradley MacLean
Memphis Law Review 42: 1027-1060

Gangs and Terrorism

Eli Anderson, Terrorism,
and the Method of Social Science.

Lecture on September 11

On Violence and Randall Collins
Anthropos 104:1 p 211. 2009

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Gangs and Politics

Gangs and Masculinity




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Meda Chesney-Lind
and John Hagedorn,


The first collection of classic and contemporary writings on female gangs ever assembled.

Introductions from

Female Gangs in America:

Also on Female Gangs:

Female Gangs: A Focus on Research. Joan Moore & John Hagedorn

"Girl Gangs: Are Girls Getting More Violent?" by John Hagedorn. Streetwise Nov, 1999.

Vita Curriculum

Department of Criminal Justice
University of Illinois-Chicago

My Turning Point
Marching for Open Housing in 1967