Gangs by the Letters
#A to #Z



A is for Armed Young Men- a look at gangs and other armed groups around the world

"A Nation of Lords"
, Herbert. Gangs of New York movie.
Advocacy Project
- Jim Brown's gang program
Anderson, Elijah- talks about his book, Code of the Streets
Art and Soul- Conservative Vice Lord program training Lawndale Artists
Afrika Bambaata
- Hip Hop legend, former Warlord of the South Bronx gang the Black Spades
African Lion- Clothing store set up by the 1960s Conservative Vice Lords
African American Gangs-

B is for Blackstone Rangers- documents and pictures including a history

Black Gangster Disciples- a popular history
Black Panther Party
Blackstone Rangers
and drug gangs
Belfast- links on Belfast as a contested city
Berlin- Berlin as a contested city
Becker, Howard- his website with many of his writings on field research
Bloods and Crips- A Proposal for the Reconstruction of Los Angeles
Back of the Yards- a portrait of a famous Chicago neighborhood by current residents
Blueprint- the plan to transform the Black Gangster Disciples into Black Growth and Development
Bluhm Legal Clinic- law clinic at Northwestern University noted for overturning wrongful convictions

C is for Capone, Al - links to pages on the violent founder of Chicago's outfit

Chicago Gangs- talks by gang leaders, histories by scholars and activists, documents, and more
Chicago Crime Commission
Clark, Kenneth B-
. great African American psychologist, author of Dark Ghetto, and inspiration
Cha Cha Jimenez- look for text of an extended interview with the former leader of the Young Lords
Child soldiers
Contested Cities
*- cities torn by persistent ethno-racial conflict.
* Course taught by David Perry and John Hagedorn
Cicero - hypocrisy and the war on gangs
Chicagohoodz- website with pictures of graffiti and information on gangs
Chicago - information on their CAPS
Chomsky, Noam
- on 9-11
COAV- Children in Organised Armed Violence. An important 11 nation study.
Cockburn, Alexander- on the Crips and Bloods proposal for peace in LA
Chinatown- Chicago's Chinese gang history
Crips and Bloods
- Their proposal for the reconstruction of Los Angeles

D is for Daley Declares War- complete text of the 1969 declaration of war.

David Dawley- Vice lord, community organizer, and author of Nation of Lords.
Daley, Richard J. and the Hamburgs- The first Mayor Daley's gang backgroun
Daley, Richard J
Definitions of "Gang"
- a history of the changing defintion of gangs
Drake and Cayton's
Dowdney, Luke- research on gangs in Rio de Janiero

E is for Euseni Perkins- African American playright and historian of Chicago gangs

El Salvador
Euro-gang Project
-Malcolm Klein's exploration of gangs in Europe.
Early Puerto Rican Gangs
- Historian Mervin Mendez explains


F is for Female Gangs- resources on female gangs

Jeff Fort - leader of Blackstone Rangers
Field Research -
doing reseraach the old-fashined way
Fry, Rev. John- comments on the war on the Blackstone Rangers
Frederic Thrasher
Fred Hampton
Female gangs in Milwaukee
- tables and data from Hagedorn's studies
Female gang literature
- Decides gangs are terrorists too
Frame-up- What happened to Bobby Gore

G is for Gangs and the Ghetto-animated images of the growth of Chicago's ghetto

Globalization- Gangs take on new forms in a globalized world
Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation- funder of Chicago/New York study on violence
Gang Loitering Ordinance
Gangs and Politics
Gangs and Millionaires
Great Cities Institute
- Home of
Graffiti Art
Bobby Gore
- 1960s spokesman for Vice Lords.
Gangs in the Global City- still not released book on the impact of globalization on gangs
Gang Truce- rappers discuss the LA gang truce

H is for Hamburgs- Richard J. Daley's gang invents drive by shootings in 1919

Hip Hop and Gangs- explore the gang origins of hip hop and its effect today
Hamburg Athletic Association - Richard J. Daley's gang
- many full text articles
Homicide in Chicago - graphs and links to a study on violence
Hayden, Tom - Calfornia legislator and radical on gangs
Homegirl Study - study of female gangs in Milwaukee
Homeboyz Interactive
- web design training for gang members
Hanrahan, Edward- carried out Richard J. Daley's war on gangs. Probable culprit in framing Bobby Gore.


I is for Illinois Correctional Facilities - a map of Illinois prisons

Irish Gangs
- The Hamburg Club, Ragen's Colts and the 1919 race riots
"I Do Mind Dying" an essay on Milwaukee


J is for Johnny Torrio- the brains behind the founding of Chicago's Outfit

K is for Killing- why it happens so much in Chicago

Klein, Mac- criminalizing the definition of gangs

L is for Latin Kings - links and a talk by a King leader

Los Angeles Gangs- resources and links on Los Angeles gangs including a full text article by Diego Vigil
Legislation on Gangs
- state by state laws and more
Loitering Ordinance
- Chicago's attempt to circumvent civil liberties to suppress gangs
Lee, Bennie- excerpts from his talk to the Chicago Gang History Project on the vice lords
- home of the Conservative Vice Lords. Pictures from Chicago's Image Base

M is for Milwaukee Gang Research - Hagedorn's studies on Milwaukee

Moore, Joan. talk on field research.
maps of Chicago.
funded gangs inthe 1960s
Norval Morris- eulogy of an intrepid crusader against the over-use of incarceration.

N is for "Nothin' Left but Death" - David Dawley on the demise of the Vice Lords
National Public Radio
- All Things Considered and more.

O is for Official Statistics - what are the limitations of police data on gangs?

OJJDP-Office of Juvenile Justice and Deliquency Prevention
Operation Breadbasket

P is for People & Folks- selections from Hagedorn's book

Puerto Rican Gangs - articles on the Young Lords and Latin Kings
"Partners" Art and Soul
Pinnock, Don
- South African writer and author of The Brotherhood
Peplo- Edwin Marlo Perry, founder of the Conservative Vice Lords

Q is for Qualitative Research - field research links

R is for Race Riot - Chicago's 1919 race riot and the role of Irish gangs

Robert Taylor Homes-The Chicago Housing Authority and the ghetto
Rap Music
Radio Pacifica
- Democracy Now and other programs
Rio De Janeiro
Ragen's Colt
Rockefeller Planning Grant
- Chicago neighborhood hard hit by deindustrialization and gangs
Report to the Public- a digital slide show of the Vice Lord's amazing report.
Rodriguez, Luis- his homepage with links to his works and more

S is for Starbucks - a map comparing wealth and poverty

Stereotypes- common misconceptions of gang
Shattered Dreams- The history of the 1960s CVL
Solutions - links to solutions which go beyond laws enforcement
, Jim talk on Chicago research
Spergel, Irving- on gang program evaluation
Sontag, Susan- on terrorism
Street Organization Project
- John Jay College's New York City gang project
Said, Edward- on the role of an intellectual
St Charles Illinois Youth Center - Chicago juvenile prison where CVL started

T is for Terrorism and Gangs- what is the link?

Thrasher, Frederic- the father of gang research
Timuel Black- on the origins of Chicago's African American gangs
Twain, Mark
- The War Prayer
Twenty-first Century VOTE- Gator Bradley run for alderman

U is for Upton Sinclair- full text of the classic "The Jungle"

University of Illinois Press- publisher of the forthcoming, Gangs in the Global City.

V is for Vicelords- a photo history and much more

Violence and Milwaukee gangs- tables and excerpts from Hagedorn's studies

W is for War on Drugs- resources to fight the drug war

White Gangs and the 1919 Race Riots
Washington, Mayor Harold on gangs
- Chicago's mayor talks on gang intervention work


X is for Marking the Spot on Chicago Maps- an index of maps of Chicago's gangland


Y is for Back of the Yards- a gang neighborhood for a century


Z is for Zapata- an article on Mexican Resistance to Oppression