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edited by Meda Chesney-Lind and John M. Hagedorn

The first collection of classic and contemporary writings on female gangs ever assembled.

Essays by
Meda Chesney-Lind
and John Hagedorn


The Global Impact of Gangs
The Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice May 2005


"Variations in Urban Violence:
Chicago, New York, and
Global Urban Policy."

Paper presented at City Futures Conference.
Scroll to session 3.2

Bobby Gore and Lawndale
North Lawndale Community News
June 22, 2005 Vol 7 Issue 14

Housing and Homicide.
Policy Paper for the
Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

Building a Way to Stop Murder
Chicago Tribune, Jun 1 2003

"Gangs of New York and Chicago"
Chicago Tribune, January 19, 2000

"Girl Gangs: Are Girls Getting More Violent?" Streetwise Nov, 1999

neither War nor Peace - Chicago
USA Section
of 10 nation study of children in organised armed violence

All ten country reports and full text

Chicago Tribune Report on Study

On Globalization
and Armed Young Men

Gangs and Globalization
in Malcolm Klein et al
The Euro-Gang Paradox

"Before All The Boys Are Dead"
The Great Cities Institute-
Working Paper Series

Eli Anderson, Terrorism,
and the Method of Social Science

Lecture following September 11, 2001.

Research and other
Articles on Milwaukee

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Who Is that guy on the left?

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Gangs in the Global City: Alternatives to Traditional Criminology.
Edited by John Hagedorn
University of Illinois Press
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Gangs and Terrorism

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Gangs, Race, and the Community

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Gangs and Masculinity