Books, Articles, and
other published material

The Gang: A study of 1313 gangs by Frederick Thrasher.

This is the classic study of gangs by the father of gang research in 1920s Chicago. Watch this site for access to a digitized copy of this book.

1927/1963 Chicago. Univesity of Chicago Press

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The Jack-Roller: A Delinquent Boy's Own Story. and The Natural History of a Delinquent Career. by Clifford Shaw

These "personal documents" by one of Chicago's best social scientists remain a standard for today. We need such "personal documents" of gang members and leaders telling their own story.

1930 (1966) and 1931 (1976) Chicago. University of Chicago

Juvenile Delinquency and Urban Areas by Clifford Shaw, and Henry D. McKay

This is the classic study of the Chicago School, demonstrating that crime rates vary by area, not ethnic group. It laid the foundation for social disorganization theory.

1942 (1969)J First Edition ed. Chicago: University of Chicago.

The Gold Coast and the Slum: A Sociological Study of Chicago's Near North Side by Harvey Warren Zorbaugh

The basic idea behind this classic is supremely important today. Chicago's slums are related to her Gold Coast. Unless the Gold Coast helps revitalize the slum, Chicago is lost.

1929. Chicago: University of Chicago.

Other Important Texts

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Much good information can be gathered by linking to the Chicago Historical Society's website.