Latino Gangs in Chicago


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Center for Latino Research
at De Paul University

Chicagohoodz website displays King graffiti as well as a list of many Chicago ALKQN sets.

The History of Mexicans in Chicago
Northwestern University

The Origins of Mexican American Gangs.
by Diego Vigil

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An Article by
Joan W. Moore

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An exhaustive examination of Los Angeles gangs

Community Policing and the "New Immigrants" in Chicago
NIJ Report

The history of the Latin Kings is one of the untold stories of Chicago's gangland. Latino gangs have played a major role in the history of both Puerto Rican and Mexican history in Chicago.

The largest Latino gang in Chicago, and perhaps in the United States, is the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation. A Latin King leader explains the history and aims of his organization in an talk for the Chicago Gang History Project.

There are many other Latino gangs in Chicago. At left is a symbol of the Dark Side branch of the 2-6 Nation, whose home is in K-Town near the Little Village section of Chicago. The Latin Saints are one of 2-6s rivals and they are based in the Back of the Yards. Like the 2-6ers, the Saints have chapters throughout Chicago, especially on the west side into Cicero.

The Maniac Latin Satan's Disciples was founded in the 1960s and also has chapters throughout Chicago and Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Kings — not to be confused with the Latin Kings — are descended from a group of called the Young Horsemen. The Latin Counts are a Back of the Yards Latino gang descended from the Polish Counts in the 1960s. The Bishops are a split off of the Counts.formed in Pilsen on Bishop Street.

Dark Side Two Six Nation

The Latin Kings and many other Latino gangs have their roots in the Puerto Rican experience in Chicago. Historian Mervin Mendez explains the origins of the first Puerto Rican gangs in Chicago, and relates the history of one of them, the Young Lords Organization. In this interview with Ralph Cintron and Erika Rodriguez for, Cha Cha Jimenez discusses the YLP history. A news story relates the final arrest of ALKQN leader Gino Colon.

Gentrification has pushed Chicago's Puerto Rican community and their gangs from Harrison Street on the near west side to Lincoln Park and then to Humboldt Park — which is now undergoing substantial gentrification. Activist Carlos Flores talks about Lincoln Park.

The Latin Kings are also a major force in the barrios of New York. Black & Gold is a documentary film of the polticization and repression of the Latin Kings in New York City in the 1990s. Here is a journalist's interview with New York Latin King and Queen leaders.

Latin Kings have chapters all across the US. Here's one in West Texas.

For a law enforcement view of the Latin Kings, here's the perspective of the
National Alliance of Gang Investigator Associations.