2 biggest youth gangs agree on truce

by Francis Ward

[untitled, undated news report]
Spokesmen for the city’s two largest youth gang organizations Wednesday announced a reaffirmation of a truce and safe-passage agreement.

The announcement was made in the head-quarters of the Black P Stone Nation, 1468 E. 67th, by Leonard Sengali, a spokesman for the Stones, and Norman Joe Swift, a spokesman fro the Black Disciples.

At least 20 shootings, some fatal, have involved members of the gangs in the last several months, police said.

Terms of agreement

Sengali and Swift said leaders of the two gangs had met several times in the last three weeks to draw up truce terms. These provide that “members of each organization can now freely walk into the other’s territory without fear of harm” and can wear their identifying clothing -- red berets for the Stones and black berets for the Disciples.
“We want the public to know that the Stones are not at war with the Disciples or any other rival group,” the two groups said in a written statement. “The stones and the Disciples have decided there will be no more teen violence in the ghetto or crime in the street.”

The spokesmen criticized Mayor Daley for his recently declared “war on street gangs,” asserting that city authorities could do little to reduce youth gang violence unless the gang members themselves wanted to end it.

“Whites cannot really bring blacks together,” the statement said. “Blacks have to pull themselves together.”

Other truces broken

The Black P Stone Nation, a conglomerate of South Side gangs including the Blackstone Rangers and the Disciples, formerly the Devil’s Disciples, reach truce agreements in 1966 and 1968.

These truces, while never rescinded by the gangs, broke down in time as individuals attacked rival gang members.
Asked how they would enforce the new agreement, gang leaders said each gang has instructed its members not to molest members of the opposing gang, and that the leadership will form “a court of order” to deal with violators.
“There may be some renegades,” Swift said, “but we intend to deal with them.”

4-man truce teams

Four-man negotiating teams from each gang organization drew up the truce. They were identified as Jeff Fort, president, and Mickey Cogwell, Charles Edward Bey and Sengali for the Stones, and Robert Allen, president, and Dwight Rankin, Paul Saddler and Swift for the Disciples.

Swift said he also is a member of the Black Panther Party of Illinois