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Chinatown Tong Wars
of the 1920's

Triads of Hong

Introduction to Triads
Chinese Criminal Enterprises

The Tong: Article by Hakim Bay

Law Enforcement:
Asian Gangs and Chicago Law Enforcement

Transnational Criminal
Organizations: Chinese

FBI: Asian Criminal Enterprises

Chinatown Gangs: Extortion, Enterprise, and Ethnicity by Ko-Lin Chin

The Dragon Syndicates: The Global Phenomenon of the Triads
by Martin Booth

Tongs, Gangs, and Triads, Chinese Crime Groups in North America by Peter Huston

Gate at the entrance of South Chinatown at Cermak and Wentworth
in Chicago and a traditional Triad symbol

Picture courtesy of Andrew Sekeres III

Gangs come in many different kinds. Chicago's Chinatown has long been home to a scattered assortment of youth gangs like those in other neigh-borhoods. Tongs and Triads however, have a long institutionalized history in Chicago. This page has links to original articles on Chicago Chinatown gangs as well as links to other sources.

The Origin of Asian and Chinese Gangs
in Chicago's Chinatown

by Hannah Kim

The origins of Chicago's tongs
and the 14K Triad.

"When thinking of gang violence, however, one usually pictures blacks, Hispanics, maybe even whites, Asians hardly appear to be a threat. However, Asians as well as Asian gangs have long been a part of American history and especially a part of Chicago's."

Institutionalization of Tongs
in Chicago's Chinatown

by Andrew Sekeres III

A history of tongs in Chicago's Chinatown with
an emphasis on why they have persisted
for over a century

"Beyond the pleasing facade of gift shops, bakeries, herbal medicine shops, grocery stores, restaurants, and fresh markets pandering to locals and tourists alike, Chinatown has a dark side..."