Lawndale Will Rise Again*



CVL member Bennie Lee on the Vice Lords since the 1960s

Willie Lloyd in the New York Times

Willie Lloyd shot!

Millionaires and
the Vice Lords.

Maps of the
Vice Lords home turf.

* Images of Lawndale from Chicago Imagebase

The archives of the Conservative Vice Lords of the 1960s are being digitized to preserve their history.
Funded by the Illinois Humanities Council,
this project aims to tell the the youth of Lawndale and the public about a gang who turned the energy of the streets into a powerful and positive social and economic tool.

The archives are being digitized, but as a profile of the Vice Lords and a sample of the rich material in the archives, presents the entire text of the 1969 Vice Lord
Report to the Public in a digital slideshow.


all photos by David Dawley

Pep: Founder of the
Conservative Vice Lords
of Lawndale


Read: A Nation of Lords by David Dawley. Still valuable today!

Selections: "Nothin' Left but Death"— David Dawley's reflections on the demise of the Conservative Vice Lords;

"The Only White Vice Lord" by Bobby Gore

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