A History of Brutality, Racism,
and Corruption in the

CAPS, Gentrification,
and the Legacy of Reform

Chicago's pride today is CAPS, its community policing strategy. This set of policies cannot be understood outside of the major spatial changes taking place in Chicago's neighborhoods.

As large numbers of white professionals move to areas closer to the booming information economy in the Loop, room must be made for their residence and entertainment. This means neighborhoods, like those in Pilsen, Humboldt Park, and the near south and west sides must become gentrified. It also has meant the demolition of public housing and the clearing of those spaces for the entry of the gentry

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Black and Latino communities in areas surrounding the Loop and in public housing are being displaced on a large scale. If this were Bosnia, we would not have any questions what to call it. But this is Chicago, and we call it Community Policing.

The Skullcap Crew

Shocking expose of Chicago Police brutality in the former Stateway Garden, including the sexual assault by police of Diane Bond. The Series -Kicking the Pigeon.

Chicago Magazine's profile of Jaime Kelvin and his efforts to report on the Skullcap Crew

Aug. 10, 2006- Cabrini Green Residents Protest Police Shooting

Photo by Joey Lipari

Is this the meaning of reform?

The CPD and the Demolition of Public Housing

“Don’t you know?” he said. “This ain’t CHA no more. It’s the white man’s land now. You can’t stand there.”

Chicago police officer to Pete Haywood, standing on a corner on State Street near where the Stateway Gardens honce stood. In Kicking the Pigeon


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$1 Million Verdict in Federal Court

May 6, 2003
CHICAGO -- On Friday, a ten-person jury found the City of Chicago guilty of systematically covering up criminal violence by its police officers, to the point where officers felt they could commit crimes without fear of arrest or discipline by the department.

The City has said it will appeal the decision.