Gangs and other Groups
of Armed Young Men
Around the Globe

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on gangs, armed young
men, and children in
organised armed violence is

Important Inter-
national Gang
Research Sites

New York City's
Street Organization

International Action
Network on Small Arm

Important Books

Gangs and Youth
national Explorations

edited by
Kayleen and
Cameron Hazlehurst

Gangs in the Global City
edited by John Hagedorn
Coming Soon

-South Africa-

Bo-Tsotsi: The Youth
of Soweto, 1935-197
by Clive Glasee
The Brotherhoods by
Don P:innock

We are the Poors;
by Ashwin Desai

-Latin America-

Born Fi Dead by
Laurie Gunst

Killing Pablo
Mark Bowden


The Euro-gang Paradox,
by Malcolm Klein et al.













Gang Research
Chicago Gangs
Latin America

Brazil: The most violent gangs outside the US are
in the favelas of Sao Paolo and Rio de Janiero.
Luke Dowdney's
research is featured.
Colombia: The Cartels have been broken up,
but cocaine production
continues on a decentralized basis.
Haiti: Violence by gangs continues.
Jamaica. Posses get their start in politics.
Peru: The Truth Commission and Shining Path

Europe and Russia

The Euro-gang Project. A conventional analysis of
street gangs in Europe.
Trends in Violence in Europe
.An article by Christian Pfeiffer.
Ireland: The Irish Republican Army are politicized armed young men



Cape Flats: Home of the
Hard Livings Gang

Johannesburg: Follow the anti-eviction campaign and suppression of
street organizations through the independent media center
Cape Town: Don Pinnock in a new unpublished article on programs. Cape Town has an estimated 120,000 gang members
Nigeria: Gang violence flares between Islam and Christianity. State sponsored gangs like the Bakassa Boys fan religious hatred.

South Asia

Bal Thackery: Mumbai's
Richard J. Daley

Mumbai: Shiv Sena and their leader, Bal Thackeray, runs Mumbai (Bombay) with help from its gangs and was deeply involved in the Babri Masjid riots in Ayodhya.

GJapan, Australia, and New Zealand

Japan: The Yakuza exercises influence in all spheres of life


Brazilian policemen line up inside the Bangu 1 maximum security prison, 30 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, just before top drug lord Luiz Fernando da Costa was moved to another jail in Sao Paulo State, late February 26, 2003. Brazilian authorities, facing a wave of violence on the eve of the annual Rio Carnival, moved Da Costa after he was caught coordinating his criminal operations from inside Bangu 1 by mobile phone.