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What does accountability mean?


From 1972 to 1991, more than 135 African American men were tortured by Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge and his associates.


Not ONE single officer has ever been indicted for these crimes against humanity. WHO should be held accountable? Read on.

Richard J. Daley


Burge began his dirty war when Daley was mayor

Michael Bilandec


Machine's successor to Daley and did nothing to stop Burge

Jane Byrne


met with Burge during investigation that led to Anthony Wilson's torture

Richard M. Daley

Had direct knowledge of torture since 1975.



The Mayors

Rahm Emmanuel


Burge defender Terry Hillard was apponted Interim Chief

Harold Washington


Appointed Fred Rice, Burge supporter, as Superintendent

Eugene Sawyer


Washington's successor did nothing to discipline Burge


James Conlisk

CPD head when Burge began his torturing
James Rochford, James O'Grady, Joe DiLeonardi
Bilandec and Byrne appointees. No evidence they did anything about torture


Richard Brzeczek
Charged with "derellction of duty" for his refusal to act on torture claims


Current Interim Superintendent Terry Hillard. 1998-2003; 2011-
Covered up Burge torture

The CPD Superintendents


Fred Rice

In 1992 testified as character witness for Burge at Police Board hearings, saying he had no regrets about Burge's promotion.

LeRoy Martin
In 1983 – Martin becomes Commander of Area 2 and serves as Burge’s direct supervisor.

Matt Rodriguez
Recieved Goldston Report confirming torture and did nothing.

Phil Cline
2003 - 2008
Burge's commander in Area 2 in 1989 and in station when Madison Hobley was tortured

Jody Wies
2008 -2011
Took no disciplinary action whatsover on any officer or CPD offiicial

Cook County States Attorneys,

Assistant States Attorneys


and a Rogues Gallery of Others

Judge Daniel Locallo - Denied LeRoy Orange a hearing on his claims of torture
Richard Devine. After taking the office of state’s attorney in December 1996 he fought victims’ appeals relentlessly and moved to quash the petition to appoint a special prosecutor despite clear conflict of interest
Gayle Shines 1994-1998 – OPS Director refuses to approve or take action on the sustained findings in six torture cases, but instead hides the files in her office.
Richard M. Daley refused to prosecute Burge when he learned about torture in 1975.
More than 50 men alleged that they were tortured by Burge and his detectives during Richard M. Daley’s term as Cook County state’s attorney, from 1981 to 1989

Led by Jon Burge, Sixty Four Chicago Detectives beginning in 1972 have been named as having tortured black men.

John Byrne was Burge's “right-hand man” at Area Two. Accused of cattle prod torture and numerous attacks aimed at genitals. Left CPD after he got his law degree but subsequently disbarred for taking money from clients—including police officers and firefighters—for whom he did no work. He collects a police pension and works as a private investigator

Jon Burge
and his Torturers

Peter Dignan is the accused in more than 15 torture cases, several of which had been sustained in the files suppressed by OPS Director Shines. Accusations include mock execution, electrical torture, suffocation, and beatings with flashlights and phone book. Promoted to lieutenant by meritorious appointment by Terry Hillard and Mayor Richard M. Daley/ Named a national "top cop" of 1994. Retired, pension intact, from the force, and wen tto work for the Cook County sheriff. ¡

The CPD Office of Professional Standards documented in 2005 that 135 cases of torture were committed on black men in Chicago between the years 1972 and 1991.

Read here the details of each instance of torture.

The Survivors

Torture is a United Nations recognized crime against humanity and as such has no formal statute of limitations. While facts about the torture were known since at least 1975, NO ONE in the CPD or City Hall demanded the torture stop.

University of Chicago List of Victims