A History of Brutality, Racism,
and Corruption in the

While "Chicago's Finest" carry out many important duties, they also are feared by many Chicagoans, particularly blacks and Latinos. This fear and alienation in minority communities is based on a history of brutality and corruption. Meaningful reform has been resisted from within the CPD and city hall. Reform, when it has occured, has been more public relations than substance.

An Overview of CPD Corruption,
Brutality, and Racism

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While many Chicagoans are aware of the history of police corruption in Chicago during the Prohibition and before, fewer are aware of the serious on-going problems of corruption, racism, and brutality.

This site seeks simply to tell a small part of the story of the dark side of the CPD and expose our city's on-going problems controlling its police.

Who is the Chicago police officers most lethal enemy? Gang members? Terrorists? The criminally insane?
No. Himself!
Number of Police killings and Officers
Killed in Chicago since 1990

year by year break down.


Commander Jon Burge was found responsible for organizing the torture of mainly black men held in confinement by the CPD. He had close dealings with most of Chicago Chiefs of Police and recieved a commendation from then States Attorney Richard M. Daley. The Special Prosecutor has alleged Burge tortured at least 195 people
Burge is only the tip of the iceberg. Read internal CPD reports, international human rights findings, and investigative journalism on this case. Go directly to the Burge pages or follow the history of the dark side of the CPD from its early days.

Resources in combating police misconduct

Northwestern Bluhm Legal Clinic
MacArthur Justice Center
The Justice Coalition of Greater Chicago's Police Accountbility Reforms

The End of the Nightstick - film on Chicago's history of police torture
Amnesty International
- report on Homophobic Police Abuse in Chicago