Bobby Gore was the spokesman for the 1960s Conservative Vice Lords and a central figure in their transformation from a gang into a pro-social organization.

These pages tell the story of his life and his efforts to help the youth of Lawndale to find a better life.

This is also a story of shatterred dreams. Gore's arrest on November 14, 1969 for a murder he did not commit was the beginning of the end for the bold social experiment of the Conservative Vice Lords. Our conclusion is that Bobby was framed largely because of who he was and what he accomplished for his community.

Read these pages and judge for yourself.

Bobby Gore talk at UIC- press coverage

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Bobby Gore in a 1995 picture for the Chicago Tribune Magazine. Photo by Charles Cherney

Fact Sheet on Why we think Bobby Gore is innocent.
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Civil Rights leader C.T. Vivian's character witness testimony at Bobby's bail hearing.

Leaflet "Who is Bobby Gore"
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