Bobby Gore didn't just gang bang as a youth. He was also a member of the Clevertones, a Lawndale singing group that played the Savoy and other fancy Chicago night spots. Bobby was one of those guys who could have become anything, even Mayor of Chicago, like another former gang leader, Richard J. Daley.

Despite his gang membership, Bobby was always concerned for the people in his community, the conditions they lived in, and how they could make a better future.

While Bobby was a scrapping gang member, everyone recognized that he also had a big ear for people's problems and tried to help solve them. He had a vision for the community to become a close-knit community helping one another. Bobby was both a member of the CVL and passionately concerned for the welfare of his community.

In 1957 Bobby married Rose Hunt, now deceased, and they had a son, Frederick.












Bobby Gore and the Clevcrtones

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