Who is Bobby Gore... is the answer to the question "Why was Bobby Gore framed?" No one who knows Bobby could believe that he could kill anyone. "As God is my witness," Bobby says, " I did not commit that murder. I could not take a life."

The most likely explanation for Bobby's frame-up is that the gangs had become a political threat to the Mayor and States Attorney Edward Hanrahan pinned this crime on Bobby in order to cripple the CVL. Clarence Conn, the main witness against Bobby and who was identified as the actual shooter, may have been offered a deal in order to "get" Bobby.

Bobby's life is about saving people, not killing them. His actions transforming the CVL and working for the youth of Lawndale, his unwavering stand at his trial that he was innocent, his peacemaking role in prison, and his dedication to his community by his work with the Safer Foundation after he got out should convince any fair-minded person that he is no killer.

We want a measure of justice for Bobby Gore and vindication for the 1960s CVL.


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