In Stateville Bobby never gave up hope and tried to keep the CVL from going back to hustling. This letter from prison is a remarkable summary of what the CVL accomplished.

Rather than participate in gang life in prison, Bobby worked to keep the peace. He became an assistant to sociologist Jim Jacobs and was called the "Kissinger of Stateville" for his peacemaking between gangs. Jacobs called Bobby "a most intelligent and impressive man."

Bobby also joined the Jaycee chapter in Stateville and later became its president. He was instrumental in setting up positive programs for inmates and fighting for inmate rights.

While in prison, Bobby earned as Associate of Arts Degree, with honors from Wright Jr. College, a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Lewis University, and a Bachelor of General Science Degree from Northern Illinois University.




Bobby Gore in the visitors room at Statesville Penitentiary


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