Gang life, though it is exciting, has its share of tragedy. As Bobby and the other CVL leaders watched younger kids follow in their footsteps, get jailed, and die, they started to talk among themselves.

With the civil rights and Black nationalist movements beginning to sweep the country, the CVL decided that they had better do something to help Lawndale, not tear it apart. As one of the older CVL leaders, Bobby argued strongly for a change.

Conditions in Lawndale were bad. Chicago's west side was known as one of the toughest and poorest ghettoes in the country. Who would speak for the people? The CVL decided to challenge the problems Lawndale faced and become a force for change.










CVL leaders decide on a change: from left to right: J.P, Cupid, Alphonso, their mascot, Tiger, Bobby, and Calloway

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