From the Transcript of Bobby Gore's Bail Hearing. Character Witness Testimony of noted civil rights leader, C.T. Vivian. Cross examination by Assistant States Attorney Magnes:

p. 130-131 Trial Transcript

Mr. Magnes (Assistant States Attorney): ...are you of the opinion that there are others just as competent and just as qualified to be an instrumental force in the community (as Bobby Gore)?

Rev. Vivian: I'm going to answer -- Judge. I want to answer in a way which I do not know is legally correct, let me deal with that, it is a very, very important. It is a rare individual that can work with young people and tell them what is right and wrong, carrying their respect, dealing up and down that steet, keep his integrity and be respected by the people in the community. It is a rare individual; in all the places I've been, ten years in the movement, three years with Martin Luther King, Jr., in many places in this country, and very seldom have we found people with that kind of rapport with young people. I do not know anyone in Chicago, not only in his area, but I do not know anyone in Chicago that can better do a job on the street in working with young people, keeping them with some hope for the future and trying to program them out of the condition into something better in spite of the corruption that is around them. I do not know anyone that can do that better, and one of the real reasons I'm here is because I want to see him back on the street doing that job that very few of us can do, and it is a necessary job for the recreating of the black community. I wish we know how to create in some traning program, of which training is the thing I'm most concerned about, in some training program a number of Bobby Gores. I wish we could make 20 Bobby Gores in Chicago today but we cannot.

THE COURT: I'm sure Mr. Murphy (Defense Attorney) would like to have you ask some more questions like that, Mr. Magnes.