The CVL spokesman's wrongful
conviction helped bring an end to the
CVL's journey into the mainstream.

The CVL's 1969 report on their
activities, budgets, and pictures of
their board of directors

Flash Slideshow of the CVL
Lawndale beautification campaign

Sports in Lawndale

NFL Films:
The Mack Herron Story

under construction

Don McIllvaine. R.I.P.



This is the amazing story of the 1960s Conservative Vice Lords and one of greatest, and most tragic, missed opportunities in the history of Chicago.

Take a tour of the history of Lawndale and the transformation of the CVL and learn how street kids can tun their lives around and work to save their community.

Shattered Dreams funded in part by
the Illinois Humanities Council

Other notable sites -

- 1970s CVL leader Bennie Lee on what happened
to the CVL

-A Unique history of South Chicago's
Spanish Vice Lords

Bobby Gore: RIP


Fred "Bobby" Gore passed away on January 12, 2014. Chicago lost one of its most inspirational leaders. These pages are dedicated to our never to be forgotten memory of him.

YouTube Videos on CVL
Bobby Gore on how the CVL started.

Watch the History Channel's


on the 1960s CVL.
(15 minute streaming real video)

The History Channel.