Daily Defender- Thursday , September 12, 1068

Vice Lords Set Cookout for Youths

The Conservative Vice Lords Inc., will sponsor a cookout Sunday, Sept. 15, in an effort to help youngsters get back in school.

The huge affair, scheduled from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., will be held in the 3200 block of Lexington between Kedzie ave., and Spaulding.

Spokesman Clarence Steele, Vice president of the Vice Lords, told the Defender the purpose of the affair.

“The idea is to tell them how it is with us because we didn’t stay in school and get the education necessary to find a good job,” Steele said.

He stated that the Vice Lords had the backing of local businessmen in trying to set up training programs and scholarships, as well as finding jobs for young people who wanted to go to school.

“Now we need outside help in getting employment, more scholarships, and more counseling for those who can’t go back.”