The Conservative Vice Lords, like other African American youth were constantly harassed by police. During rising tensions in the Spring of 1966, a CVL sister was killed. Some time later, on Division Street in Humboldt Park Puerto Ricans rioted.

Later in summer, in 100 degree heat, kids all over Chicago turned on fire hydrants and played in the water. But when the Black kids of Lawndale tried to stay cool by doing like their white counter-parts, the police cracked heads and made arrests. While Dr. King was being assaulted in white neighborhoods, Black Lawndale residents had enough and took to the streets.

But the Conservative Vice Lords did not go out and join the rioting or encourage violence. They travelled through the streets talking to the kids and trying to keep things calm. Irv Spergel from the University of Chicago observed their behavior and concluded that trying to destroy Chicago gangs like the Vice Lords was counter-productive and efforts should be made to "re-direct" their energies into stabilizing communities.

Something was definitely happening.



Picture by Conservative Vice Lords. Click to enlarge