When David Dawley arrived in Lawndale, the CVL was already on a new path. But they didn't have any way to get the funding they needed and they lacked a plan on how to convert street power into community organization. David immediately saw the potential of transforming a notorious street gang into a positive force for Black people and Lawndale.

Dawley was accepted by the CVL and threw himself into the work of creating opportunities and demonstrating that if the "new thing" Gore and Alfonso were trying was accepted, gang members could become productive citizens in society.

Dawley' book, A Nation of Lords is an autobiography of the CVL, an unmatched, and vivid description of the transformation of the CVL and their valiant and tragic efforts to join the mainstream. The book is readable for high school students and a must read for anyone interested in the potential of human beings to change.

Chief Alfonso Alford summed up what was happening in Dawley's book (p. 126) "Like society itself, we are in a time of change. Just as we used to fight each other on the street, we now stand together in a different fight for life — the life of a city, the life of a neighborhood and the life of a people who have been declared unemployable, uneducable, and unreached."

David Dawley, Bobby and others