DON MCILVAINE, R.I.P...1/26/30 - 2/5/05

Don McIlvaine was one of Lawndale's greatest artists. His murals were an inspiration to the 1960s Conservative Vice Lords.

Don was the second director of the Lawndale art gallery, "Art & Soul," a project of the Conservative Vice Lords, where young people could express their thoughts in artistic form.

He taught at UIC and wrote, produced, and directed a film using neighborhood kids called "Back Alley Rip Off."

Don was the mastermind behind many cultural magazines and other artistic productions.

He was born in New York City and his family moved to Washington D.C. where he graduated from Armstrong High School. He earned a scholarship to Howard University and attended the prestigious Corcoran School of Art.

In 1957, Don moved to Chicago, forever framing our understanding of life.

"Donnie Mac" is sorely missed.