Under the slogan, "grass, not glass!" the CVL began a campaign to beautify Lawndale. Young boys and girls took up brooms and began the clean-up. The CVL sent letters to the residents of Lawndale asking for their help in keeping the neighborhood clean. [More CVL Pictures]

Inreach, a summer program got 100 federal summer youth job slots. These jobs were controlled by Mayor Daley who somehow missed the fact they were going to the CVL. Despite all the CVL's positive action, Daley kept federal money away from the daunting task of rebuilding Lawndale.

CVL men and women worked to provide food and clothes for the people of Lawndale. Kids flocked to the CVL and their traveling "war wagon" advertising their programs. the CVL had a float in the Bud Billikin Day Parade and sponsored cook-outs for the youth.

The CVL also became the community leader in social action, picketing a local store that sold bad meat and demonstrating for the opening of a local fountain.

Along with the Blackstone Rangers, the CVL launched a gang peace campaign under the banner of "Unity." Crime rates dropped in Lawndale while they rose elsewhere in the city and the gang peace process was greeted with applause in the Black community.

And the CVL was more than just men.


1. Cleaning Up the Streets
2. A Clean-up Crew
3. Landscaping
4. Shaping up a Neighborhood
5. Cleaning the Alleys
6.After a hard day's work
7. Preparing food for the community
8. Clothes for those who need them
9.Kids loved the CVL "War Wagon"
10.CVL Bud Billikin Day Float
11. CVL picketing stores that sold bad meat
12.Kids get cool after the CVL forces a fountain to open
13. Chief Peppilow and Blackstone Rangers
14. "Unity" Drawing



Unknown Newpaper Drawing