Violence in Lawndale was everywhere and the Vice Lords were in the middle of a lot of it. On the one hand, a new generation of Vice Lords was growing up and trying to be like the older guys. On the other hand, the violence of the ghetto kept claiming victims, like this young boy who had been bitten by rats.

The older CVLs, including the chief Pepilow, Alfonso, Goat, Calloway, Cupid, William Franklin, BG, Robert Stanley, JW, and Bobby Gore began talking about a "new thing." They decried the violence. Bobby pointed out: "The kids are the ones who are actually losing."

The older guys started to argue with the younger kids and tell them to not follow in their foolish footsteps. They saw what had happened to gang members in the past - death or prison- and didn't want the youth to go down that path. Then they decided to model a different example. They began to talk about converting the CVL into a business and do something positive for the community.

The 1965 Watts riot helped build a consciousness that the real problem was the white man, not other African Americans. In the words of the Black Panther Party, you were either part of the problem or part of the solution.

The CVL decided to be part of the solution.



Picture by CVL Members. Click to enlarge

1. Child
2.CVL Leaders and "Tiger"
3.Children of Lawndale