Chicago Sun-Times, Fri. Feb 28, 1969


A VISIT TO THE "OPEN HOUSE" conducted by the Conservative Vice Lords at their West Side quarters proved an hour sell-spent. (It also provided an opportunity to return to 16th Street, where we spent the first 25 years of your life.) The CVL, once regarded as a hardened street gang, has made a complete about-face. Its purpose now is to provide activities and motiviation for the blacks in Lawndale. Tow articulate spokesmen, Bobby Gore and Jamie (Doc) Brown, escoarted us on a toour of CVL facilities, all in rejuvenated store frots within two blocks.

WE VISITED CVL'S owned-and opeated Teen Town, an ice-cream parlor and restaurant; the House of Lords poolroom, and the soon-to-be-opened African Lion, which well sell Afro-American clothing. Here, young blacks are learning how to manage businesses. We also visited teh CVL's Art and Soul Studio, where youngsters and adults alike are taught painting and related skills. The walls are lined with some exceptional art work, which indicates that heretofore untapped talent is being developed...Doc Brown's parting shot: "Remember, tellit like it is — we're all dropouts doing this."