Women played an important role in all the CVL activities. While in the earlier gangbanging days, CVL women had carried guns for the guys and engaged in fighting, as CVL. Inc. got going women became increasingly important.

Women ran the stores, made clothing, and organized youth. They worked in the office and had a say in how the the CVL was run. Prominent Vice Ladies included Deany, Phyllis, Mary Wolf, Viola, Foots, Lydia, Judy, Eloise, Joanne, Big Shirley, Dolly, and Crazy Conny, Marshann, and Jill to name a few. The CVL Ladies had their own float in the Bud Billikin Day parade. The CVL Ladies were determined, Black and Beautiful.

Still the CVL was mainly a man's world, but the Vice Ladies threw their energies at the side of the men to re-make the CVL for the sake of their children.

1. Jill
2. CVL Ladies Bud Billikin Float
3. CVL Lady
4. Mother and Child


Jill. Picture by CVL Members. click to enlarge