The civil rights movement touched Chicago's gangs as well as African Americans throughout the country. The CVL, the Blackstone Rangers, and the Black Gangster Disciples met and formed a coalition, the LSD, to fight for jobs and social change.

Why LSD? Noting the widespread use of the drug lsd by white youth at the time, the coalition used the name to argue that they intended to "take Chicago on a trip."

One of the major targets of the new coalition was the lack of hiring of Black construction workers. Along with Operation Breadbasket and others they formed the Coalition for United Community Action. The near west side University of Illinois-Chicago construction site was among those sites picketed. Along with Jesse Jackson and C.T. Vivian, the LSD forced Mayor Richard J. Daley to sign a "Chicago Plan" to provide construction jobs for African Americans.

It was thousands of members of the LSD gangs showing up at the gates of UIC that forced Mayor Daley to sign the Chicago Plan.

LSD Demonstrates for Jobs. History Channel