At a press conference on the morning of April 4, 1968, the CVL announced the opening of Teen Town. Proposals had been sent to the Rockefeller Foundation and had successfully obtained monies to start what would be an amazing set of programs over the next two years:

These would include: Teen Town; The African lion; Lawndale Pool Room; "Partners;" Art & Soul; a Movie made with the help of students from the University of Illinois - Chicago; House of Lords; The Tenants Rights Action Group; The Management Training Institute; and two Tastee Freeez stores.

The CVL also had a Rockefeller Planning grant, ran summer buses to take kids to retreats, plays, such as Sammy Davis' Golden Boy, circus, etc. They also ran various beautification drives, and even had an open house for police.

Many of these programs are explained in their 1969 Report to the Public. The CVL would win the support and funding from many prominent people, including Republican fund-raiser, W. Clement Stone. A Chicago institution, Sun-Times columnst Irv Kupcinet, visited the CVL and praised their work.

But April 4, 1968, would go down in history in another, horrific way.

1. Outside Teen Town
2.Inside Teen Town
3. The Pool Room


Picture by CVL members. Click to enlarge

Bobby Gore on CVL Programs