Daily Defender- Monday, September 23, 1968

Vice Lords Offer Scholarship Here

The Conservative Vice Lords, Inc., is awarding its first college scholarship to black students going to Dartmouth College for two years of intensive academic preparation.

The Vice Lord College Scholarship is only the beginning of the Westside group’s efforts to promote educational achievement.

As the group’s programs develop, Vice Lords leaders hope to build “a substantial scholarship fund to help more fellows with the ability and ambition to attend college.”

The Vice Lords are offering the scholarships in an effort to promote the Foundation Years program. Foundation Years students go to Dartmouth College for two years of intensive academic preparation. When they’re ready to compete, they enter the regular college curriculum.

The Conservative Vice Lords, located at 3720 W. 16th st., have been struggling to develop economic and social programs in Lawndale for and by the fellows who have been left of the Great Society.

The Foundation Years offers an opportunity for youths to get the education they missed, whether or not they stayed in high school.

The Foundations Years program is offered in the realization that young blacks who come up through ghetto schools cannot hope to compete for entrance to America’s best colleges and universities.

But they can succeed there, if given a chance like that offered by the Foundation Years.

No high school degree is required to enter the program. Police records are ignored. The crucial qualifications are tested intelligence, leadership, and a commitment to the building of a strong, viable black community.

The Vice Lords are proud to be among the founding students of the Foundation Years. To express their support for the program and confidence in their fellows, they have awarded a $50 scholarship to students returning to Dartmouth College