The Mayor's war claimed victims all over the Black community. Fred Hampton and Mark Clark were shot down by his States Attorney Ed Hanrahan and Hanrahan's elite 14 member gang squad.

Daley's war resulted in the cancellation or roll-back of funding for CVL programs. Operation Bootstrap, a joint effort of the CVL, business leaders, and the Lawndale Police Commander, George Simms, gradually ceased to operate. Simms was ordered to leave his position as chair. A federal grant of $750,000 for YOU was unexpectedly cancelled by Johnson administration cabinet officials.

The police went after gang leaders. Alfonso Alford, CVL President, was indicted for murder. There was little or no evidence and a jury quickly found him not guilty. Leonard Sengali, Blackstone Ranger spokesman was also indicted for murder, but the judge threw the case out of court for lack of evidence.

Hanrahan and Daley would succeed in pinning a murder rap on Bobby Gore and in so doing, eliminated the CVL leadership and ended the amazing CVL experiment. The entire story is told in our pages, Who is Bobby Gore, but Bobby was forced to go to trial without his attorney and confronted by an "eyewitness" who was the likely killer. He served more than 11 years at Stateville Penitentiary and the CVL transformation that inspired so much hope was locked away behind prison walls and starved through lack of funds.


Bobby Gore Today