May 23, 1968 Unknown newspaper

Meeting Held at East St. Louis

National Ghetto Youth Group is Organized

The first annual conference of Youth Organizations United (YOU) ended in East St. Louis today with a press conference at which leaders of the organizationpledged to do "whatever is ncessary" to imporve conditions in the nation's ghettoes.

The four-day confeence which attracted leaders of youth clubs and organizations from inner city areas from various parts of the country, was held to unify the nation's ghetto youth.

The newly elected president of YOU, Waren Gilmore,of the Conservative Vice Lords of Chicago, said about 60 organizations joined YOU during the conference.

Thos participating from East St. Louis were the Imperial War Lords, Black Egyptians, Congress of Racial Equalilty, IMPACT, ane the north West neighborhood Opportunity Center.

Gilmore estimated tha about 150 youth groups belong to YOU, which was formed last October.

YOU is funded by grants from the U.S. Department of Labor, a family fund grant and has received assistance for the Department of Health, Education and Welfare.

The conference host was Southern Illinois University at Eat St. Louis and Edwardsville.

Gilmore said several white youth groups belong to YOU, but were unable to attend the conference,

"Youth Organizations United is designed to give such youth organizations, gangs, and groups, a constructive alternative to revolution, by giving them assistance in building up, as well as dignifying the so-called 'ghettos' which we, the youth, must



call home" he said. The goals of YOU as outlined by a statement issued by the organizaton, are to create a communications system among youth groups in the nations's cities; to form an education program for the youth; to provide information to eliminate poor housing conditions; to help provide legal assistance for the poor, and to restore and perpetuate the culture and heritage of youth.

Jamie "Doc" Brown, regional vice president for the North, said that YOU must do "whatever is necessary to get the job done."

"We're not peace marchers or fire bombers," he said, "We're going to do what's necessary."

The new officers, in addition to Gilmore and Brown, include Raul Tuset, regional vice president for the East, Tony Rushing, regional vice president for the West; Darrell Conner, regional vice president for the South, and Warren Caramouche, national executive vice president.

Caramouche and Conner represent Thugs United of New Orleasn, Gilmore and Brown represent the Conservaive Vice Lords of Chicago; Rushing represents the Sons of Watts in Los Angelese, and Tuset represents Young Citizens for Progress of New York City.

Some members of the YOU willstay in East St. Louis for a few days to complete business.

Most of those attending the conference left for home Sunday when the conference formally ended.