A Video History of Gangs in Chicago

Introduction to the Videos - 12min

The history of gangs in Chicago gangs cannot be understood outside the life of the windy city, its political struggles, corruption, and spatial patterns of racial segregation. Gangs historically have been framed as criminal institutions by the media and as alienated youth by sociologists. Both frames distort the reality of gangs then and now. This course, or series of videos, tells a new story of gangs, one that has been hidden, distorted, lied about, and whitewashed. It is a history of violence, but also of politics; it is a history of crime, but also of empowerment. It is a story of law enforcement, but also police corruption and brutality. It is a complicated story, still in the making. Be prepared to open your mind.
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1. Ethnic Succession
2. 1919 Race Riots
3. The Outfit Institutionalizes
4. The Gathering Storm
5. The 60s Explosion
6. War on Gangs -under development
7. Crack Wars - under development
8. Gangs Today - under development
9. Lord Thing
10. Darryl Cannon -
Jon Burge torture victim speaks
11. Rockwell Gardens - A tour of
west side gangland by Ivory Dillard