1. Ethnic Succession

A Video History of Gangs in Chicago

1. Ethnic Succession: 20 Minutes

Gangs began in Chicago as ethnic rivals, young men, not boys, fighting for power and influence. Some things never change. As the Irish grew to dominate both city politics and the rackets, gangs were a normal part of daily life. The Italians, held down by the Irish politically, followed some older traditions and gradually took over gambling and prostitution. Youth growing up in Italian communities would have criminal role models, while Irish youth looked to their own political leaders. For both groups, as well as the Polish and other white ethnics, politics and the underworld worked hand in hand. The black and Mexican communities were small and had few youth gangs.
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1. Ethnic Succession
2. 1919 Race Riots
3. The Outfit Institutionalizes
4. The Gathering Storm
5. The 60s Explosion
6. War on Gangs -under development
7. Crack Wars - under development
8. Gangs Today - under development
9. Lord Thing
10. Darryl Cannon -
on Jon Burge and CPD torture - up soon
11. Rockwell Gardens - A tour of
west side gangland by Ivory Dillard