3. The Outfit Institutionalizes

A Video History of Gangs in Chicago

2.The Outfit- 32 minutes

The Out fit is important to our narrative for several reasons. First it was the first Chicago gang that "institutionalized," persisted despite murder and incarceration of leaders. It adapted to first the onset of Prohibition and then life without bootlegging. None of this would have been possible without extensive police and official corruption, a Chicago trademark. Finally, the Outfit played a role in both supporting the black Policy kingdom, then taking it over and destroying an importatn black institution. That take over continued a racist policy of not allowing African Americans to control their own community, even ursurping the mantle of the lords of vice.
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The Gathering Stiorm



1. Early Gangs
2. 1919 Race Riots
3. The Outfit Institutionalizes
4. The Gathering Storm
5. The 60s Explosion
6. War on Gangs -under development
7. Crack Wars - under development
8. Gangs Today - under development
9. Lord Thing
10. Darryl Cannon -
Jon Burge torture victim speaks
11. Rockwell Gardens - A tour of
west side gangland by Ivory Dillard