Lord Thing

A Video History of Gangs in Chicago

6.-Lord Thing 58 minutes

The movie Lord Thing combines actual footage of the Conservative Vice Lords from the 1960s with reenactments by Vice Lords themselves. It shows how a street gang can trsnsfom itself into legal businesse and become part of a social movement.
it was directed by DeWitt Beall and funded by the Xerox Corporation and the Montgomery Foundation. It won the Silver Medal at the Venice Film Festival in 1970 and was screened at Cannes. Unlike other Xerox films, it was not shown in the United States was lost and forgotten. Since it was sharply critical of Mayor Richard J. Daley, many believe pressure from the Chicago Democratic machine was responsible.
This copy was discovered in Beall's garage after he died and shown here with permission of the Montgomery Foundation. It wa screened in Lawndale before an audience of four generations of vice lords on November 1, 2008.


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1. Early Gangs
2. 1919 Race Riots
3. The Outfit Institutionalizes
4. The Gathering Storm
5. The 60s Explosion
6. War on Gangs -under development
7. Crack Wars - under development
8. Gangs Today - under development
9. Lord Thing
10. Darryl Cannon -
Jon Burge torture victim speaks
11. Rockwell Gardens - A tour of
west side gangland by Ivory Dillard