A World of Gangs The History of Gangs in Chicago Videos on the Vice Lords
1. The Worlds Gangs Live in
2. What is A Gang?
3. Resistance Identity and the Permanence of Racism
4. Hip Hop culture and Gangs
5. Wars, Identity, and Policy
6. Bringing it All Back Home
7. CSPANN interview on A World of Gangs
1. Ethnic Succession
2. 1919 Race Riots
3. The Outfit Institutionalizes
4. The Gathering Storm
5. The 60s Explosion
6. War on Gangs -under development
7. Crack Wars - under development
8. Gangs Today - under development
9. Darryl Cannon -
Jon Burge torture victim speaks
10. To Serve and Collect: Richard Lindberg on the Chicago Police Department's history of corruption
11. A Brief History of Chicago's Latin Kings. Produced in collaboration with Chicago Latin King leaders.
14.Timuel Black on Jeff Fort- famed Chicago historian relates his experiences with Jeff Fort
15. Timuel Black on joining a gang in the 1940s- some comments by Black on the nature of black gangs in teh 1949s.
16. Brief Gaylord History Movie. Produced by the Gaylords


1. Lord Thing - a video made with the collaboration of the 1960s Conservative Vice Lords
2. Rockwell Gardens - A tour of
west side gangland by Ivory Dillard
3. Bobby Gore on the Origin of the CVL
4. Bobby Gore on the CVL's social programs
5. Mac Herron, Lawndale's top football star and pride of the 1960s CVL
6. Ivory Dillard and William Fletcher on what the CVL means today
7. Dillard and Fletcher talk about the CVL today
8. Introduction to the first showing of Lord Thing in Lawndale
9. Snake's rap about the inspiration of the 1960s CVL to today's youth